Prime Capital investments

  We are a Real Estate Acquisition and Investment Firm with 2,233 Units Across the United States

“Prime” Companies consist of various entities involved in the real estate industry, including multiple holding entities that own a variety of multifamily assets.

We purchase, rent, and manage multifamily housing units that attract a specific market segment of middle-income earners. Our company investigates investment opportunities throughout the U.S. by leveraging industry expertise and performing efficient property acquisition, with focus on obtaining a substantial market share in emerging real estate markets. That is about 20 years of experience, not including the collective years involved when considering our staff and their expertise. Our goal is to create multifamily communities that elevate life experiences for all of our tenants.

Meet the Team

Danny Flores

Principal, leads acquisition and management of multifamily properties in emerging markets.

Jake Rubenstein

Acquisitions Director, sources, analyzes, and structures potential multifamily acquisitions.

Chris Arias

Marketing Director, leads growth through systems and operations overview.

Our Strategy

Value-Add Real Estate

PCI believes that changes in the residential real estate market show an increase in demand for rentals and a decrease in demand for home ownership.

Housing has become expensive and applying for a mortgage has become more and more difficult.

Also, the supply of new homes has decreased as construction has been limited post-GFC (“Global Financial Crisis”) and the cost of homebuilding materials has increased significantly.

PCI is positioned to take advantage of these changes by acquiring value-add properties with great potential for cash flow and overall investment returns.

Acquisition & Reposition

With the current strength of the economy and real estate market, PCI’s high standards for underwriting and its network nationwide present an opportunity to acquire properties across the country with significant investment return outcomes.

PCI will consider properties in major urban centers, but we believe the inefficiency and underserved markets in smaller metropolitan areas has the most potential for capturing value from a real estate investment.

Further increasing the potential for a positive outcome is our partnerships with local property management companies. These partnerships help to maximize high-yielding cash flows, while PCI seeks out potential sale opportunities to capture property value appreciation.

Passive Real Estate

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