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Kitchen Renovation at The Pointe

Hard to believe what used to be this gaping hole in our 25-unit multi-family investment (The Pointe in Tucson, AZ) is now turning into a gorgeous kitchen for future tenants to gather around.

While seeing progress is nice, at the end of the day, we like results. Follow us to see the full transformation of this kitchen, as well as see how we’re repositioning this 25-unit multi-family property to deliver unparalleled returns to our investors…in RECORD TIME.

How quickly are we moving on this deal to deliver returns? Let us give you a little perspective:

•  End of January— Escrow closed
•  February— Pulling permits for electrical subpanels
•  March— Changed out all the stab-lok electrical subpanels
•  April— Demoed unit interiors for 18 units. Installed new roofing on all buildings and carports. Rebranded the building to ‘The Pointe’.
•  May— Started to put units back together. See post pic. To date, we have five units coming back online and leased at above projections. Exterior painting has started.
•  June— Forecasting to have all units completely renovated, all new exterior paint, new slurry coat and restripe on asphalt and a whole new courtyard.
•  July— Forecasting to have all units fully occupied and leased at market rents.

Yes, you read that right. We purchased this 25-unit property, are currently completing renovations, then raising rents to market and filling up vacant units to reposition the asset for sale.

All within A FEW MONTHS time to deliver stellar returns to our investors.

Where else can you get these kinds of returns within such a small time frame?

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