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On the Hunt for Our Next Investment

Since closing on South Bank Apartments last month, we’ve hardly sat down as we've been looking for the next opportunity to bring to our investors.

Between deals, we spend most of our time traveling, reviewing rent rolls, running projections, and touring potential apartment communities.

Here's a teaser of a few communities we toured just this past week!

Want to partner up? There are a few ways you can partner with the Prime Capital Investments team:

  1. As a Broker, if you have a deal in the $1.00MM to $35.00M range you’d like us to review.
  2. As a Syndicator, if you have a deal that you’d like assistance raising for.
  3. As an Investor, if you’d like to benefit from one of our multifamily investments.

Either way, sign up to our investment portal, and be the first to get notified when our newest deal goes live. Don’t miss out—we are actively on the hunt!

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