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South Bank Renovations are in Full Swing

We are excited to share our very first renovation update after closing on South Bank. As you can see, we're well underway!

We’re redoing entire unit interiors, most notably in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Kitchens are torn out entirely so we can put in new cabinets, countertops, sinks, and stainless steel appliances. We're also opening up walls between kitchens and living rooms for an open floor plan for the most optimal entertaining and cooking experience.

Each unit is also receiving a washer and dryer package. No longer will our tenants need to go to the laundromat. This is a HUGE selling point for our tenants that will make their lives infinitely easier.

Bathrooms are receiving new vanities, toilets, low flow fixtures, and LED lights—all with conservation in mind—good for the environment, and most cost-effective for the tenant.

The rest of the unit interiors are receiving two-tone paint—light gray on the walls and white on the ceiling and doors. Additionally, we're installing carpets in the bedrooms, and gray plank flooring everywhere else.

This is a full renovation that's providing a win-win-win for all. We started right on schedule, and are on track to complete 72 units in 10 months.

Want to partner with us in creating tangible, positive change for the lives of our tenants and their communities? Visit to get started.

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