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We Doubled Our Hickory Portfolio Without Paying a Dime. How?

While Prime Capital Investments is most known for our presence in the Southwest United States, we also have a growing number of assets in Hickory, North Carolina.

In fact, we just increased our footprint, and did so with no money out of our investor's pocket. But how?

We did this through a "Cash-Out Refinance", which is a concept that allows us to tap into the equity that we’ve accumulated in our Hickory, NC portfolio through natural appreciation as well as value-add improvements. By revaluing and refinancing our portfolio, we were able to take out the cash difference and purchase additional income-producing real estate in the area.

This is a proven strategy that we’ve employed in the past and will continue to utilize to grow our portfolio and produce income for our investors. It's also one of the many ways you can benefit as a completely passive investor in these real estate opportunities—sit back, relax, and let us do the work to bring you consistent, tax-advantaged, passive income.

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